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USD 27.00: ADVANCED ** ONLY - Explicit priming phrases and conversations to send thoughts of her fucking you directly into her mind. Use all of them and prepare to be stripped down in the nearest restroom with her lips wrapped firmly around your c%ck. You're welcome. Simply check the box and 19 Lust triggers will be added to your order!

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Irresistible $37.00

Irresistible System - $197 Value - Included

Irresistible is a one-stop complete system. The quickest, easiest FASTEST way to trigger attraction and get women to chase and compete for you.

Follow this program and like thousands before you, the results will speak for themselves. You will have more beautiful women chasing after you and competing for your attention in little to no time at all.

Magnetic Impression - $97 Value

Most guys don’t know this, but the hotter the girl is, the more crucial the first 3 seconds are… Look, the bottom line is the 9’s and 10’s get hit on constantly, some over 50 times a day…

You need to be absolutely sure you are the 1 out of 50 that makes a powerful magnetic impression she can’t resist. And in this special bonus gift I'm going to transform your impressions, Men will want to befriend you and women won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Tinder Breakdowns - $97 Value

My private video breakdowns on my Iphone of done-for-you Tinder conversations, tested and proven to get her hot and heavy for you in the shortest time possible...

What’s AMAZING about these conversations is that they start turning her on before you even have your first date… in one of the breakdowns I show you how to get her sending nudes within the first hour and explicitly telling you how badly she wants you… All you have to do is copy and paste!

27 Ways To Ignite Sexual Tension - $97 Value

There was one magical hour in New Orleans where I ran into a couple of fellow dating experts Andrew Ryan and Race DePriest, We thought it would be fun to discuss our very best techniques for getting women turned on FAST.

So, we turned the video camera on and over the next hour or so we covered the 27 best ways to create sexual tension and get women uncontrollably turned on and pursuing you HARD. This video was never released and this will be the ONLY time it will be available!

20 Free Dates That Will Get You Laid - $27 Value

It can be hard to plan dates, especially if you want them to go really well and it's a woman you like!

We'll If you're like me and just kinda over the typical dinner/movie date, I've planned out 20 free dates that you can do around your city/town that will blow her socks off!

Seriously these are the best 20 dates you can possibly throw together and each one is specifically designed to make you look GOOD.

Escape The Friendzone - $67 Value

Escape the friend zone is exactly what it sounds like. Your go to guide to getting out of the dreaded friend zone. Follow the steps in this guide and you can successfully change the way any woman sees you. Not only will she want to be with you, but she will actually be the one to break the friendship and pursue you FIRST!

This simply could be one of the most powerful things you ever learn.

Total Value:$3282.00

You Pay Today: $67.00

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to review the material and use it to attract the girl (or girls) of your choosing...

And if you're not satisfied, for any reason, simply email our customer support team within the next 60 days at support@makegirlschaseyou.com to request a refund.

You will receive a full refund within 3-4 business days with no questions asked.

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"Three different ladies are chasing me. I’m blown away"

I’m having the same amazing experience as LJ… Ladies, Please… Three at a time? This week I had a date on monday with Victoria, a date on wednesday with julie, and a date on friday with rachel! And the second (Double) date with Julie and her girlfriend Saturday (Tomorrow) night, Victoria again on sunday. Three different ladies and they are all chasing me and asking me to take them out again. Plus, I’ll be vacationing on the Las Vegas strip for the next 3 days and I’ll be talking to as many ladies as I can… I’m blown away, this is one of the BEST things I’ve EVER done! So much thanks to matt! It’s NOT OVER!

- Anthony F.

"I’m stunned. This is one of the BEST things I’ve EVER done!"

Ladies, Please… are you kidding? I have a date tomorrow, possibly sunday, and tuesday. All different ladies. Plus, at least two more in the wings… I’m stunned. THis is one of the BEST things I’ve EVER done! Much thanks to Matt and the Irresistible system!

- LJ

"She was rolling around in my bed in one hour"

Guys I went out for drinks with friends on Friday and at ten minutes til closing this chick walks by and smiles at me. I beckon her over with my hand and one hour later we’re rolling around in my bed :) This stuff is becoming completely natural!

- David S.

"I have a new superpower now!"

Got some good news to share! So last saturday we went to a bar/club and this hot blonde girl came around 1 time into my vicinity and I played it cool and started grinding on her and we hit it off and took her to the side to talk. Eventually she invited me back to her friends place for an after party. So we showed up and I introduced myself to everyone. I dropped your line “Wanna go lay down” and she took me to her friends bedroom and it got sexual very quickly. But all of a sudden one of her guy friends started banging on the door and came up yelling in my face that I had to leave. I instantly recognized him as a seven with combative value and gave him the value he needed just the way you guys taught me. Not only did he calm down almost immediately but ended up being really friendly the rest of the night. When I was finally leaving he actually told me not to worry, he would make sure the girl I was with would remember to tell me! He was actually trying to help me get the girl! Lol how crazy is that!? I feel like with value hacking I have a new superpower!

- Saj A.

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